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In Montreal Hampstead, a 5000 square foot home blends mid-century architecture with contemporary design over five years, reflecting the fashion and art tastes of its family of five. Curated modern art and iconic mid-century furniture adorn every room, creating a dynamic interplay of textures and colors that celebrate timeless elegance. This collaborative journey showcases the enduring allure of mid-century design, resulting in a home that is a testament to personal expression and transformative design.


In Montreal's Outremont, a high-end residential project beautifully combines art, nature, and family heritage. Adding vibrant color to the already character-filled home, cherished heirlooms find their place amidst curated artwork. Indoors, luxury meets outdoor serenity, creating a personalized haven for the family of five.


Perched along Montreal's picturesque Lachine Canal, a contemporary penthouse serves as the creative canvas for a Mediterranean-inspired chef. Collaboratively designed, the space bursts with vibrant color and texture, reflecting her dynamic life and culinary passion. From the sunlit kitchen to the cozy corners, every detail embodies the fusion of personal flair and artistic expression, offering a sensory journey through taste and design.

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