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Le Saint-Sulpice

At Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel in Montreal's historic Old Port, we embarked on a transformative journey to revitalize all 108 suites while honoring the building's storied charm. Despite logistical and budgetary hurdles, our design ethos remained steadfast, seamlessly blending modern elegance with the hotel's timeless character. The result is a harmonious fusion of historic charm and contemporary luxury, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Montreal's vibrant heritage.

Food Service

Le Bilboquet

Designing the iconic new location for Le Bilboquet ice cream in Ville St Laurent, we partnered with clients to offer a tandem experience with Les Artisans Saladiers salad bar. Seamlessly blending sweet indulgence with fresh and healthy options, patrons can now enjoy the best of both worlds under one roof.



In partnership with Freshii's brand and marketing team, we embarked on a refresh project across their Canadian and global presence. Our goal was to inject each location with vibrant, unique elements to elevate the dining experience. The outcome seamlessly blends Freshii's identity with our innovative design, inviting patrons to savor a world of flavor and energy.

Real Estate

Signature Bois-Franc

In crafting the ambiance of a condominium development in Bois-Franc, Montreal, we meticulously designed every facet of communal living. From the inviting lobby to the well-appointed gym, and from the stylish hallways to the expansive rooftop terrace, each space reflects our commitment to elevated living. Additionally, we curated a selection of premium materials available to clients, ensuring a harmonious blend of sophistication and comfort throughout the development.

Grace Condominiums

Designing for a three-part condo development in Notre Dame de Grace, Montreal, our goal was to seamlessly blend urban living with nature. From the sales office to common areas, every detail reflects this ethos, offering residents a harmonious lifestyle where city and nature converge.